Become the Expert

We have all participated in this belief at some point in our lives.  We are the expert on how everyone else should live. We freely express our thoughts and judgments about how another person is not living in line with what we believe or tell them, if they just did this, their life would be so much better, but for what purpose?  To feel we are an expert at life? To make our life look better than theirs?  Or is this a simple case of the faulty thinking we all find ourselves in at some point:  

If I can just get everyone to live how I want them to live, then MY life will be better.

Stop for a moment and ask yourself this question.  If I already know how to live the good life why do I need everyone else to change?  Because if you are truly living and showing up as what you believe, you would already be living that better life.

For those of us who have ever been married, been in a relationship have had friendships or interacted with another human being ever, we all know they cannot force us to change.  Yet, we expect people to change for us.

I encourage you to shift into a new way of thinking and a new way to question life.  What cando to make this situation better?  You might be surprised at the answer and the outcome. The challenge is to try this new thinking on for at least one week.  You have nothing to lose and you might actually gain something, like becoming an expert at your own life.

Here is to Always Improving,


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