The World You Live In

world-view-eye-frymire-300x189 What is your vision for the world you live in?  Now I am not talking about just any vision .  Not a vision someone else painted for you to follow.  Not the vision you were told or bought into from your parents, the mean kids at school, your boss, the news media or society. What is your vision for this world you live, breathe and exist in everyday of your life. I want to know what YOU have in your heart as a vision for this world YOU live in.  If you are like many people I ask you have a hard time answering the question.  You will come up with things like: “they say it’s all about surviving” “my world is getting the kids to school on time if I am lucky” or even “the world is a hopeless and cruel place”  Visions like these paint such a limiting picture of a truly vast, expansive and ever changing world. The vision you paint for the world is the one you will live in.  Create something where you really attempt to capture what you want life in this world to be like.  A limitless world of possibilities of what it could be if you had the paint bush.  The fun part is there are no right or wrong answers.  No judgement will be made on the picture you create.  When you look at the world what do you want to see, what qualities would you bring to life, what do you believe you could create for the future?  Remember this one very simple rule:  The world you create is the world where you will live.   I will share a little of mine to get your creative juices going. I envision a world where people empower each other.  Where living from the heart and doing the right thing are just normal everyday activities.  In my world we teach our children forgiveness, compassion, love, respect, responsibility, and joy through living as examples. There are as many visions as there are people.  I encourage you to create your own vision and to share in the comments. Here is to Always Improving.


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