Accomplish Anything

Your circumstances do not matter. The mistakes you think you have made do not matter. In the bigger picture of life, all those little things that pop up are simply distractions you choose to take you off your path.

Every day is a new day. Every moment is a new moment and a blank slate to choose how you will move forward. You get to choose your goals and desires. You choose to stay focused on getting to where you want to go or you are allowing the world to take you off your path and choose for you. No obstacle can get in your way unless you choose to let it.

Believe you will get to your goal. Believe you will have bigger goals. Have faith that you will be presented with exactly what you need exactly when you need it. Believe in and have faith in yourself. The power behind every achievement is a belief it can be done and the faith that it will be done.

Know that when you decide to make something happen your mind is already hard at work finding the way to get it done. You have plenty of examples of this in your own life to know this is true. You decided to learn how to walk so your mind went to work to figure it out. You may have stumbled along the way, but you believed you could, you had faith that you were made to walk. More and more opportunities for walking became available to you as you faithfully kept moving toward your goal. Then one day you became a full-fledged walker. The same is true of learning how to ride a bike or swim or graduating from high school. You believed you could and had faith because there were no alternatives.

What goals are you moving toward today? Do you believe every step you are taking is another step closer to getting to that goal? Are you practicing faith by telling yourself your goal is already accomplished, it is already done, there are no alternatives?

You get to choose. There are no mistakes. There are only lessons and opportunities to learn and grow. Believe in yourself and have faith. You have the power in you to accomplish whatever you choose.


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