4 Attitudes of Success

I have stumbled upon several ways to sabotage my own success.  Just when I think I overcome the last standing piece of self-sabotage left in my system something else pops up to teach me a lesson.  Everything was going along just fine for months.  Business was going well, I was in a flow of writing, getting a book out and I was being asked to speak at a few local events.  My  goals were being met and I was on fire.

Then out of no where – my attitude shifted.  At first the shift was subtle, I started noticing other people in my industry and saw the great successes they were able to accomplish.  As I noticed this more and more it suddenly became obvious to me that I would never be able to accomplish the same levels or reach the same number of people as they are reaching.  That was the self sabotaging shift that brought everything to a screeching halt.  By comparing myself to all the others, I successfully created an attitude that was sabotaging my work and my progress.

I took a serious pause in my work to figure this all out.  There was no way my new found bad attitude was going to stick around.  So I started looking at how our attitude effects our success.  My heart was in the right place and my intentions were good but those alone were not the only keys I needed to have in place to keep this going.

Our attitude not only plays a role in our outcomes, our attitude will determine the success and failure of those outcomes.  In all the searching and digging I found there are common attitudes that will produce failure or propel us into success.

4 Attitudes that Produce Failure

1. The Know it All – Thinking you don’t need to know anymore, improve or listen to any one else.  You already know it all. Failure comes to this attitude by blocking out anyone or anything that may be new or different.  This Know it All is not an attitude many people want to be around.

2. The Woe is Me I am not Good Enough – Someone who walks around feeling sorry for themselves wishing they could be like someone else.  They spend their time wishing they had what another has and that would somehow make them successful.  Woe is Me is usually the one standing still not going anywhere. .

3. The Finger Pointer – The person that finds fault in everyone and everything.  The one who says the system is working against them or that person is doing it all wrong.  Finger Pointers are the ones on the sidelines of games shouting at famous ball players and all the mistakes they are making.

4. The Look at Me I am Better than You – This person likes to tell everyone how great they are every chance they get.  They are consumed with having the latest and greatest toys just so they can brag about what they have and show it off.  The Look at Me is too busy finding another way to look good to even worry about finding real success.

Not to worry.  If you identify with any of the above attitudes there is still hope.  I was covered in the Woe is Me attitude just standing still as everyone else ran passed me.  Once I recognized what was happening I was able to wash that nasty attitude off and put on the attitudes of success.

4 Attitudes of Success

1. Humility and Gratitude – There is always going to be someone better than you no matter how high up the ladder you climb.  Be grateful someone else is up there for you to learn from who is leaving clues and lessons along the way.

2. Be Teachable – In order to improve we must take on an attitude and desire to learn.  It is through learning from positive, successful people we can gain the tools for our own success.

3. Show compassion and generosity – You reap what you sow.  When you are compassionate toward others and generous with you time and resources you will receive the same in return.

4. Practice Consistency – Success comes from consistent effort. Do the same thing over and over until you master it. Every successful person has mastered something over time.

Your attitudes determine your outcomes and you get to decide which one to put on. These 4 attitudes open up a whole new world and perspective.  When you put on the right attitude, success can’t help but be attracted to you.


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