Seasons of Change

It is time for spring.  A season of renewal, a season of growth and a season known for change.

We don’t always handle change and differences well.  In fact, most of the time we view change as a threat. Our behavior can become erratic, tempers quick to irritation and frustration because we fill ourselves with fear.  When things don’t go our way, we lash out.  We blame the outside world for the fear we feel welling up inside threatening to destroy us and break us apart.

There is nothing here to harm you.  The only thing causing you harm are the thoughts and fears in your mind. You hold so tightly to your fears as if you need to squeeze the life out of it before it threatens to squeeze the life out of you.

Yet you are still here, you are still alive and still breathing.  It is just a mind trick throwing you into a fit and creating the illusion that there is a threat.  There is no threat it’s only a thought.

Just as the season of spring is a symbol of change, it is also showing us how beautiful growth and change can be in this world.  As you move through the changes of the season and season of change in your life, keep in your mind and bring awareness to the beauty that change can bring.  Everything else is just a thought.


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