The Core of Being Human

We are all the same.  All of us have the same needs and desires at our core.  We all need a sense of safety – shelter, food, love, acceptance.  These aren’t just desires we want fulfilled for ourselves either.  We also want these things for the humans we care about as well.  I have found this to be true no matter where you are on this planet.  As human beings we are all the same deep down.

How these needs and desires play out may look a little different from human to human but that is only because our life experiences have been different.  What we each consume and take in, from media, family, friends, religious teachings, books and the outside world, influences how we see and then behave.  No matter what we face or take in from our experiences we never lose our basic humanness: our desires to feel safe, to feel love and to love others, to be accepted and to understand the people and world around us.

Know that this is what it is to be human. Know that we are all the same.  Keep this in mind as you go through your day and interact with other humans.  Yes, we are all the same.  It is only the experiences that make us seem different.

If you find this helpful or know someone who needs to hear topics like these, please be sure to share.  Be a life changer. You never know what may change the course of someone’s life.


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